SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities
Vuln: Apple iOS and macOS Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
Vuln: Apple iOS APPLE-SA-2018-04-24-1 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
Vuln: Paramiko CVE-2018-7750 Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
Vuln: HDF5 CVE-2016-4331 Local Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Bugtraq: [SECURITY] [DSA 4180-1] drupal7 security update
Bugtraq: Secunia Research: Oracle Outside In Technology Use-After-Free Vulnerability
Bugtraq: APPLE-SA-2018-04-24-3 Safari 11.1 (v. 11605., 12605., and 13605.
Bugtraq: APPLE-SA-2018-04-24-2 Security Update 2018-001
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US-CERT Current Activity
Drupal Releases Critical Security Updates
Apple Releases Multiple Security Updates
Drupal Releases Security Updates
Cisco Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products
Google Releases Security Update for Chrome
Oracle Releases April 2018 Security Bulletin
Russian Malicious Cyber Activity
VMware Releases Security Updates
Juniper Networks Releases Security Updates
Microsoft Releases April 2018 Security Updates

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